Jacky Brown - Mother, Curator & Seamstress

Jacky has long since had a passion for all things old. She has collected antiques and vintage objet d'art for many years and loves early mornings spent at antiques fairs - in England & France.

Jacky started selling vintage homewares a few years ago at local antiques fairs, until she realised that being a farmer's wife had the added bonus of the odd spare shed. Since then 'Old Cow Shed Interiors' was born. 

Ian Brown - Father, Farmer & Fork-Lift Driver

By turning a blind eye to using his farm van, filling his sheds with 'toot' and making endless trips on the fork-lift moving heavy furniture and signs before (and after!) events, Ian has supported 'Old Cow Shed Interiors' from the beginning. He is also a dab-hand at making a packed lunch on open days...

Sarah Brown - Interior Stylist, Young Farmer & Furniture Painter

Following in her mother's footsteps, Sarah is an avid collector of all things old. A self-confessed Instagram addict & aspiring stylist, she spends many happy hours snapping photographs of the farm, garden and Old Cow Shed Interiors stock. On grey days she can be found in the back of the shed making a mess with her paintbrushes...

Kathryn Brown - Exchequer, Wood Glue Expert & Website Designer

One of Kathryn's many skills is keeping an eye on the purse strings, fixing furniture Sarah has broken (or bought in the dark) as well as being the family's go-to techno kid. Got a problem? Kathryn is your woman...

Jennie Brown - Artist, Interpreter & Planter Lover 

Fluent in French, Jennie leads the pack when trawling vied greniers and brocantes in France. She is also an artist, enjoying black & white sketching and watercolour. Jennie's artwork can be found at all of our events...

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